Hungrybox calls for Nintendo to support Super Smash Bros. esports
Hungrybox video asks Nintendo esports support Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Hungrybox calls for Nintendo to support Super Smash Bros. esports

In a video that went viral yesterday, Smash Summit 9 champion Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma made it clear that he thinks Nintendo should support the Super Smash Bros. esports scene.

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Hungrybox started his speech by addressing anyone at Nintendo who might be listening. He then proceeded to say, “just give Melee a chance. Even if it’s just Ultimate, support the Ultimate scene. Support the Smash scene in general.”

Nintendo largely hasn’t supported the esports that have grown around Smash, and Hungrybox made sure to let them hear about it. He goes on to say, “Nintendo, I need to say I love you guys, but you are the only one not putting in resources into the scene.”

It’s no secret that Nintendo is behind the times when it comes to esports and online gaming in general. Games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Fortnite all have their developer’s full support when it comes to esports. This funding allows for tournaments and events with huge prize pools. Smash has relied on its supporters to build and fund its esports scene with no help from Nintendo.

Will Nintendo ever listen to Hungrybox and fund Super Smash Bros. esports?

It seems unlikely at the moment, but not impossible. In an interview with Kotaku, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated: “It’s not that we’re opposed to it. So that our games can be widely enjoyed by anyone regardless of experience, gender, or age, we want to be able to participate in a wide range of different events. Our strength, what differentiates us from other companies, is this different worldview, not an amount of prize money.”

This view may not vibe well with fans like Hungrybox, who play the game competitively and want to see support for the scene. Smash could struggle to grow in the future if potential players choose to play other games because the payout is bigger.

Hopefully, Nintendo will extend support to esports. Super Smash Bros, as well as other popular Nintendo titles, could grow from the investment.