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The official briefing for Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific went live yesterday and fans got to see how the new iteration will play. Caldera, the new map coming with the Pacific update, was also showcased. Both aspects are exciting, as it’s the first time Warzone is truly undergoing large changes. However, some of these changes haven’t gone over well with the community. This is perhaps most evident with the changes to loadouts in Warzone Pacific.

Announced in a blog post detailing the new installment, to release on Dec. 8., Activision revealed that loadouts will also undergo a major change. Warzone Pacific will require players to wait for a certain period of time until they can buy their first loadout. This completely changes how players will go about looting in the early game. Players can read below for a full explanation on how loadouts will act in Warzone Pacific.

Loadouts have changed in Warzone Pacific

The first and largest aspect of the new loadout changes is the fact that players can only call one in after the first free Loadout Drop lands on the map. This means that players cannot immediately grab some cash, head to a nearby buy station and purchase their preferred loadout within the first minute or two of a match. Instead, players will need to scavenge for a decent weapon in the first few minutes.

When players do get the ability to call in a loadout, though, they’ll still be able to use a loadout with any weapon across Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard. In the Vanguard Royale mode, players will only have access to loadouts containing Vanguard weaponry.

Finally, if players are sent to the Gulag and win their 1v1, they’ll drop back into the match with the weapon they used. So, if players use a pistol in their 1v1 Gulag fight, that’s what they’ll drop back into the match with. Players will no longer be without a weapon after re-entering the fight.

These changes are somewhat polarizing but no one can know how they’ll play out until Warzone Pacific releases on Dec. 8.