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If you’re thinking about playing Valorant, one of your first questions will probably be: which Agent should I use? If you’ve played Overwatch before, several Agents work quite similarly to Overwatch Heroes, despite how different the games are. Here are some comparisons to help you choose.


Valorant‘s Jett is most comparable to Overwatch‘s Genji. Jett’s signature ability, Tailwind, is a dash forward that works much like Genji’s Swift Strike. The ability resets after getting two kills, similar to how Genji’s resets after one. Jett also has vertical mobility with her Updraft. While she can’t double jump or climb walls like Genji, she has two abilities that give her mobility. She is also comparable to Tracer, although less so.


While Omen isn’t too comparable to Reaper, his Shrouded Step is still very similar to Reaper’s Shadowstep. Overwatch players who understand how to properly use the ability will probably have a fairly easy transition over to Valorant‘s Omen. The two also look and sound quite similar.


Raze’s abilities are actually quite similar to Junkrat’s. Her Blast Pack is almost the exact same as Junkrat’s Concussion Mine, as she can use it to blast herself upwards or in a certain direction. Her Paint Shells are also similar to Junkrat’s Primary Fire. Raze’s ultimate is different from Junkrat’s Rip Tire, but both abilities have the potential to eliminate multiple enemies.


Sage is Valorant‘s take on a Healer. She’s most similar to Mercy, but she has a hint of Mei as well. She heals, and her Resurrection ability is pretty much the same as Mercy’s Resurrect. Meanwhile, Sage’s Barrier Orb creates a wall similar to Mei’s Ice Wall. She also has a slow ability, although Sage’s ability is different than Mei’s.


One look at Sova’s kit is all it takes to tell he’s a lot like Hanzo. Sova’s Recon Bolt works like Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow with bounces. Their ultimate abilities are also similar, except that Hanzo’s is slower, bigger, has only one charge, and does a lot more damage. Sova’s other two abilities are unique, but Hanzo players should enjoy playing him.

Valorant Jett

The rest of Valorant‘s Agents aren’t very comparable to Overwatch Heroes. Many abilities in Valorant focus on vision and area control, whereas Overwatch abilities tend to focus on Crowd Control, Healing, or Damage. Nevertheless, Overwatch fans should be able to find an Agent they enjoy playing.

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