How to watch the TFT Innovation Cup
TFT Innovation Cup

How to watch the TFT Innovation Cup

32 of the best TFT players in NA will be fighting for spots at the NA Regional Finals
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The Teamfight Tactics competitive season is hitting the home stretch in North America. With only two tournaments left before the NA Regional Finals, the TFT Innovation Cup will feature 32 of the best players from across NA as they fight in the first major event of the new TFT Set 6.5 expansion on Friday.

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Here are the details needed to follow the action during this three-day event.


The 32 invited players will be split into four separate lobbies at the start of Day 1, which will consist of six games total. Players will earn points based on their individual placement after each game. After every two games, lobbies will be reseeded based on total placement. After the end of all six games, the top 16 players with the most points accumulated will move onto Day 2.

Day 2 will have the 16 remaining players come back with points reset. Day 2 will begin with players split into two separate lobbies based on their Day 1 performance. These players will play another six games with lobbies being reseeded after every two games based on points accumulated. After the end of this six-game series, the top 8 point earners will move onto the Day 3 finals.

Finally, Day 3 will have the final eight players come back with points reset. Instead of the usual checkmate format, the final eight players will simply play six games with the top four players qualifying for the Gizmos & Gadgets NA Regional Finals.


Four of the 32 invited players automatically qualified based on their placement at the Mid-Set Finale back in February. The remaining 28 players were chosen during the sign-up period leading up to the event.

Those 28 players were selected because they were the top 28 players who signed up. There are many notable names included in this tournament. Two Team Liquid players, Robin “Robinsongz” Sung and Aleksey “Goose” Tvorogov qualified for the event. Cloud9’s Michael “k3Soju” Zhang is also competing. Other notable names include Albert “Mismatched Socks” Chen, Kevin “RamKev” Hu and TSM’s Duy “Souless” Nguyen.

The full list of players are listed on the official tournament page.

How to watch

The talent lineup for the TFT Innovation Cup. | Provided by Riot Games

The TFT Innovation Cup will feature a live broadcast across all three days of competition. To supplement the broadcast, there will be a panel of talent bringing spectators and fans analysis and play-by-play of all the action.

The stacked talent desk includes long-time esports casters Dan “Frodan” Chou and Erik “DoA” Lonnquist. TFT game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer will also be on the desk alongside Bryce “Esportslaw” Blum. Finally, Jennifer “LemonKiwi” Pichette will be the host for the event.

The broadcast will kick off starting Friday at 7 p.m. ET and will be shown live on the official TeamfightTactics Twitch Channel. The Saturday and Sunday broadcasts will be held at the same time.

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