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The hottest debate of the Call of Duty League offseason is finally going to see a resolution. Over the past couple of weeks, CDL pros and Warzone pros have been going back and forth about which side could make the transition to the other scene. For example, Warzone pros hold the belief that they could compete in the CDL if they practiced enough, but CDL pros could not make it as a Warzone pro. Conversely, the CDL community holds the opposite to be true, often citing the fact that OpTic Texas’ Seth “Scump” Abner bested a lobby of Warzone pros to win the 2021 World Series of Warzone Solo Championship. After weeks of debate and even some 1v1 matches taking place, fans will finally have an answer as to which group of pros is more talented.

OpTic Gaming creator Davis “Hitch” Edwards has announced that he is throwing a 4v4 CDL vs. Warzone pro tournament this Wednesday, Aug. 31. The tournament will be for $10,000 and feature eight teams; four teams of Warzone pros and the other four consisting of CDL players. Teams will battle each other in a bracket of best-of-five series to ultimately determine a winner. The series will be in the following format:

  1. Hardpoint Modern Warfare
  2. 2v2 Oddman Caldera
  3. Hardpoint Modern Warfare
  4. 2v2 Oddman Caldera
  5. Search and Destroy Modern Warfare

It looks like Hitch chose to compete on Modern Warfare because the mechanics and gameplay are the same as Warzone’s. As for the 2v2 Oddman maps, each team will send two of their players into a Quads match against the other team’s two and compete to see who can finish with the most kills. Hitch stated that the 2v2 Oddman maps are formatted the way they are so one team doesn’t happen to get a better lobby than the other team.

At first glance, the series might look like it benefits the CDL pros; after all, three of the maps are played on Modern Warfare. However, if Warzone pros truly want to show they can compete in the CDL, logically they would need to win at least one CDL map. Interestingly enough, though, it seems CDL pros are hesitant to compete in the event. Hitch tweeted that only one CDL team has formed thus far — meanwhile, all four Warzone teams have been filled.

This tournament will occur sometime on Wednesday, Aug. 31, and be streamed to Hitch’s Twitch channel. Players in the tournament will also likely stream their POV throughout their matches as well.

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