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The newest seasonal event in Call of Duty Mobile is called “In Plain Sight,” which will be exclusive to Season 9. The big-ticket item at the end of the event is the Flash Drone, which is a new piece of Tactical Equipment in COD Mobile. However, before players can think about unlocking it, they need to complete a series of challenges. Two of these challenges deal with the Tactician Perk, which is a foreign item to some COD Mobile players.

Tactician is one of many Perks in COD Mobile. It was added over a year ago as a part of Season 11, meaning that players can’t unlock it through traditional methods anymore. Even if players reach max level 150, they’ll find it will still be locked for them in the Perk selection menu. For players that do have the Perk unlocked, though, they can use it to complete two In Plain sight challenges.

Using the Tactician Perk in COD Mobile

For starters, the Tactician Perk is described in-game as follows:

  • Spawn with an extra piece of tactical equipment

This means that players will have an extra Flashbang, Smoke Grenade and more every time they spawn in COD Mobile. The two challenges associated with the Tactician Perk in COD Mobile require players to simply get kills while using it. This means that all players have to do is equip the Perk on the class they will be using.

From here, it’s simply about earning kills in matches. Players are required to earn 15 kills with the MK2 and 25 separate kills with the AK47 (with the Perk equipped). As long as players have the Tactician Perk equipped on the loadout they’re using to earn kills, then they’ll be making progress to the challenge.

Once all of the kills are secured, players can move on to the last two challenges in the In Plain Sight set. After those are complete, players will earn themselves the Flash Drone in COD Mobile.