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League of Legends has recently opened a completely new in-game store filled with new Mythic and Legendary items. Some new items provide impactful stats that will make your game more interesting, and others are a bit more complicated to understand. Many players are using Divine Sunderer, a popular anti-tank item, in the top lane. While this item is great against tanks, it lacks in other types of defenses. Check out the stats below:

Divine Sunderer

Base Stats

  • Items needed: Phage + Sheen + Kindlegem +700 Gold = 3,300 Gold
  • +400 Health
  • +40 Attack Damage
  • +20 Ability Haste

Unique – Spellblade: After the player uses an ability, their next basic attack gets enhanced with +10 percent target max health as physical damage, with a 1.5-second cooldown. Additionally, it will also have minimum damage that is equal to 150% of base Attack Damage. Maximum damage against monsters is equal to 250% base Attack Damage. The player restores 50% of the bonus damage amount if the target is a champion.

Mythic Passive: Grants all Legendary items 5 percent armor and magic penetration.

Using Divine Sunderer in-game

This item is best used against bruisers and tanks. The low cooldown on your passive can work really well if you’re faced with a tough enemy. In general, Divine will do more damage if your enemy has plenty of resistances, and depending on your situation, you can either go with Goredrinker or Stridebreaker. The healing provided by Divine can definitely help sustain you throughout the laning phase. Additionally, if you’re looking for an item to help improve your split-push, then this can provide some boost when it comes to breaking down turrets and harassing enemies alone.

Overall, it’s better to assess the situation you’re in before deciding to go with Divine. This item doesn’t provide attack speed or much mobility; instead, it’s best if you’re in a position where you need to deal more damage.

In ranged matchups, Divine may not be your best choice. Instead, consider choosing Stridebreaker for the burst potential and overall mobility.