How to unlock the TV Xline Pro Stock in MW2
MW2 TV Xline Pro Stock
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How to unlock the TV Xline Pro Stock in MW2

You'll need some extra levels

With the release of Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, there are more eyes than ever on multiplayer. Thousands of players are hopping into the competitive playlist to see how they stack up against the rest of the world. However, some players have found it difficult to get comfortable in Ranked. While some might simply not know the Hardpoint rotations or Control points, others are struggling to craft the right loadouts. The primary issue fans are running into is that they don’t have the right stock, the TV Xline Pro, unlocked for the TAQ-56 in MW2.

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As most players know, the TAQ-56 is currently the alpha dog when it comes to the Ranked meta. It’s the assault rifle used by the professionals in the Call of Duty League and the one most used by Ranked players in any lobby. The current pro loadout for the TAQ-56 calls for a specific barrel, stock, underbarrel, ammunition, and rear grip. While many players have most of the right attachments unlocked for their pro loadout, the TV Xline Pro stock is often the one missing.

Unlocking the TV Xline Pro stock in MW2

If players want to unlock the TV Xline Pro stock, they will need to venture into regular multiplayer. If they look at how to unlock the attachment, the game will say that they need to get the TAQ-M marksman rifle to weapon level 11.

However, this is incorrect, as players actually need to get the weapon to level 20 instead. It’s unclear why this is the case, but it appears there is a mistake in the game regarding the TV Xline Pro’s unlock level. Once players reach level 20 with the TAQ-M, they will unlock the TV Xline Pro for every weapon it’s available for in MW2. Now, players can rock the pro loadout for the TAQ-56 without any issues.

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