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The newest season of COD Mobile, named “The Heat,” drops Thursday at 8 p.m. ET with a flurry of new content. There are two new multiplayer maps, a couple of weapons and the return of Zombies. Though, perhaps the most exciting element on the multiplayer side is a new scorestreak, the Swarm.

Unlike most of the other scorestreaks in COD Mobile, the Swarm has only been featured in one mainstream Call of Duty title. The Swarm debuted in Black Ops 2 as a deadly, near-game-ending scorestreak that took a massive amount of points to earn. This dominance is what led future to its absence in future mainstream titles. COD Mobile, though, will create a chance for fans to play with the Swarm again nearly 10 years later.

Unlocking the Swarm in COD Mobile

For fans who are excited for the Swarm, there’s only one way to unlock it once Season 6 drops later tonight: by reaching tier 14 on the Season 6 Battle Pass, which releases on July 30, one day after the other content.

COD Mobile Season 6
Slums from Black Ops 2 is also joining the Swarm in Season 6 | Provided by Activision

The Battle Pass is also home to the season’s new weapons, the MX9 submachine gun and Rytec AMR sniper. Fans can either play their way to tier 14 by earning XP in-game or by buying tiers with COD Points. The first way is less costly but takes more time, as tier 14 requires a good amount of XP to reach.

Once players reach the tier, they’ll unlock the Swarm and have an army of Hunter Killer drones at their disposal. The Swarm will cost 1,100 score in COD Mobile multiplayer, which is a hefty sum. This puts it as the fifth-highest scorestreak in the game, behind the VTOL, EMP, Advanced UAV and Napalm.