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With the Season 6 update in Call of Duty: Warzone, Raven Software and Activision made a tiny mistake. The release of Call of Duty: Vanguard is just over the horizon and it seems the developers are anxious to get the game launched. Now in Warzone, players can “unlock” two of Vanguard’s weapons: the STG44 and M1 Garand.

Of course, this is a glitch that’s likely from the work Raven is doing to prepare Warzone for the integration of Vanguard. The integration is set to take place in November or December, so work is being done now to ensure everything runs according to schedule. There was also another glitch involving Vanguard weapons with Season 6. The gunsmith showcased 10 attachments on Vanguard guns, which caused some controversy in the community.

However, for now, players can learn how to take advantage of the glitch in Warzone and unlock the STG44 and M1 Garand in Season 6.

Unlocking the STG44 and M1 Garand in Warzone

There’s one known way to unlock both of the weapons, which was discovered by YouTuber Eriv. The steps to acquire the weapons are a bit luck-based, but players can still use the method to eventually nab the guns.

First, players need to load up a game mode with the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade available. Next, players need to drop into the map and find a Weapon Drop Field Upgrade. Players can interact with the Field Upgrade to earn their random weapon. There’s a small chance that it’s either the STG44 or M1 Garand from Vanguard.

However, this isn’t fool-proof, and players’ weapons won’t always be the two Vanguard rifles. If this happens, then players simply need to keep trying the Field Upgrade until they unlock the STG44 or M1 Garand. They can use the weapons in that match but they won’t be able to progress them in Warzone. They’re still not real weapons in the system and this glitch will likely be patched within the coming days or weeks.