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Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are in full swing and players have some mixed feelings. The overall consensus is that both titles are suffering from the lack of an Anti-Cheat (moreso Warzone) and that seasons are growing more stale by the day. Luckily, there’s been an enormous amount of leaks surrounding the 2021 title Vanguard to keep fans preoccupied. However, this doesn’t mean Season 5 is simply over before it’s started. Fans still have content to look forward to, like the Marshal pistol.

As with every other season for Warzone and Cold War, there will be a mid-season update that delivers a fresh batch of content. The roadmap for Season 5 revealed some of that content, which includes the Marshal. However, the roadmap didn’t reveal how fans can unlock this weapon. This article will show players how they can do exactly that.

Unlocking the Marshal in Warzone and Cold War

Since the Marshal didn’t arrive at the start of the season, players won’t have to unlock it on the Battle Pass. Instead, there will be two other ways that players can unlock the pistol.

The first, and free, way is for players to complete an in-game challenge in either Warzone or Cold War. The challenge will release when the mid-season update drops sometime in Sept. It will likely deal with players earning kills with other pistols in either game. Once players have completed the challenge, they’ll have the Marshal fully unlocked and can start leveling it and earning camos.

The second way is more costly but players can unlock the pistol instantly. When the mid-season update releases, the in-game Store will also be updated. Inside of the Store, players will find the Powder Keg bundle, which will contain the Matchlock weapon blueprint for the Marshal. There’s no word on how much this bundle will cost but players can expect to spend around $15 to $20.

Marshal Powder Keg bundle
The Powder Keg bundle for the Marshal. | Provided by Activision

Activision has described the Marshal as one the most powerful secondaries yet. It has two attachments that turn it into a shotgun of sorts. The first attachment is the Dragon’s Breath, which replaces the regular rounds with incendiary rounds to set enemies on fire. The second attachment is Akimbo, which basically turns the Marshal into a shotgun at close-range. It’s safe to say players will be scurrying to unlock the Marshal in Warzone and Cold War.