How to unlock the JAK Limb Ripper Aftermarket Part in MW3
JAK Limb Ripper MW3
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How to unlock the JAK Limb Ripper Aftermarket Part in MW3

Shred your enemies with a literal chainsaw

One of the most exciting pieces of content in the Season 2 update for Call of Duty MW3 is the addition of a new Aftermarket Part called the JAK Limb Ripper.

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Available as an underbarrel attachment for a variety of weapons, including the MCW assault rifle, the JAK Limb Ripper attaches a chainsaw to the underside of a gun. This essentially acts as a melee weapon for players, as they can slice their way through enemies at close-range with the touch of a button.

If you’re intrigued by the JAK Limb Ripper kit, you can check out the guide below to see how to unlock it in MW3.

Unlocking the JAK Limb Ripper in MW3

Unlike some of the other Aftermarket Parts coming with Season 2, the JAK Limb Ripper kit will not be available on the Battle Pass. Instead, you can unlock the kit by completing a Weekly Challenge in MW3.

It’s unclear what week the JAK Limb Ripper will become available, but whenever it does, it will be the reward for completing five specific challenges in that given week. You can complete any five challenges across MW3, Zombies, or Warzone to unlock the kit. Every game has eight challenges you can complete, making for a total of 24. You just need to complete five of those 24 challenges to unlock the JAK Limb Ripper (or any other Weekly Challenge reward).

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Once you have completed five challenges, the JAK Limb Ripper can be equipped as an underbarrel attachment on select weapons. We don’t have a list of what weapons the JAK Limb Ripper is compatible with yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what weapons support the chainsaw. Whenever the JAK Limb Ripper goes live through the Weekly Challenges system, I’ll update this guide with more details.

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