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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launches in just over two weeks’ time, giving fans an entirely new COD experience to play.

However, one of the existing Call of Duty titles will also be receiving some love with the release of MW2. COD Mobile, a game that has continued to grow every single year, has often collaborated with the mainline games. Players could earn an Adler skin from Black Ops Cold War in COD Mobile, for example. This year, Activision is letting COD Mobile fans back in on the action by allowing them to unlock the Red Team 141 skin for the Ghost Operator.

Ghost is one of the confirmed Operators coming to Modern Warfare 2, as he plays a major role in the Campaign. Ghost is famously a part of Team 141, which has content that’s already been seen in MW2 multiplayer. Players who pre-ordered the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2 could use the entire Red Team 141 Operator pack in the recent beta and they’ll be able to keep on using it when the full game launches.

In COD Mobile, Activision is allowing fans to earn the Red Team 141 skin for Ghost. Here’s exactly how players can do that.

Unlocking the Red Team 141 skin for Ghost in COD Mobile

Red Team 141 Ghost Operator in CoD Mobile

Fortunately for players that have already used the Red Team 141 Operator pack in MW2, there’s nothing else to do. For everyone else, though, you’ll need to open your wallets. The only way to acquire the Red Team 141 skin for Ghost in COD Mobile is to pre-order the Vault Edition of MW2. The Vault Edition costs $99.99 and comes with some bonus rewards and content for MW2.

Players that decide to shell out that cash will need to ensure they have a few different steps completed before they can use the skin in COD Mobile. First, players need to make sure their primary Activision account is linked to their account in COD Mobile. Next, players need to pre-order the Vault Edition and then wait for an in-game mailbox message after the release of MW2 on Oct. 28. Players will receive a message containing a skin code for Ghost’s Red Team 141 skin in COD Mobile.

While it’s not the easiest way of unlocking a skin, players that play both MW2 and COD Mobile can use Ghost’s Red Team 141 Operator skin in both games if they pre-order the Vault Edition.

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