How to unlock the FR 5.56 in MW3
How to unlock the FR 5.56 in MW3
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How to unlock the FR 5.56 in MW3

The return of the Famas

The FR 5.56, otherwise known as the Famas, is one of the stronger assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. The burst weapon might not be as popular as the DG-58, but it can still rip through an enemy team without breaking a sweat. However, you’ll find the FR 5.56 can’t be unlocked through traditional methods in MW3.

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Even if you have reached the max level of 55, you will likely not have the FR 5.56 unlocked for use in the Gunsmith. This is because the FR 5.56 needs to be unlocked by completing certain challenges in multiplayer or through an entirely different method that doesn’t involve multiplayer at all.

Below, you can see exactly how to unlock the FR 5.56 in MW3.

Unlocking the FR 5.56 in MW3

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Like many other weapons and gear in multiplayer, the FR 5.56 can only be unlocked through the Armory Unlock Challenges system. This system is unlocked at level 25 and can be accessed through your challenges menu in MW3.

There are dozens of items that can only be unlocked through this system, which requires you to complete Daily/Bonus Challenges to unlock those items. I went over the Armory Unlock Challenges system more in-depth in a previous guide, but you can find the FR 5.56 in the weapons section of the Armory Unlock menu.

Once you find it, press the activate option on it. You then need to complete three Daily/Bonus Challenges to unlock it in multiplayer. If you’re all done with your Daily Challenges in MW3, then the Bonus Challenge is simply to win matches, which can be completed indefinitely.

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In addition to the Armory Unlock Challenges system, you can also unlock the FR 5.56 through the Zombies mode in MW3. If you enter Zombies and find the FR 5.56, you can equip it on your character and then find an exfil point on the map. By successfully exfilling with the FR 5.56 equipped, it will become unlocked for you in multiplayer. This is perhaps an easier and faster method of unlocking the FR 5.56, but you have to find the weapon in a random location in Zombies.

You can find the FR 5.56 and other weapons by looting, killing Zombies, using the Mystery Box, and finding Wall Buys. In any case, using the Zombies method or going through the Armory Unlock Challenges will yield you the FR 5.56 in MW3.

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