How to unlock the Bone Collector Operator skin in MW3 Zombies
How to unlock Bone Collector Operator skin in MW3 Zombies
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How to unlock the Bone Collector Operator skin in MW3 Zombies

Show off your Zombies dedication

There are hundreds of available Operator skins in Call of Duty MW3, but some are certainly rarer than others. One of the rarest Operator skins you can see is called the Bone Collector, which is only unlocked through one specific method in MW3.

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The Bone Collector skin is difficult to miss whenever you see it in a lobby or match. It looks like a zombie with beet-red, glowing eyes and basic military attire. The red eyes are what attracts many players to the skin, but the overall zombie aesthetic is intimidating regardless. Unlike many other unique Operator skins in MW3, Bone Collector is not one you can simply buy from the shop or unlock easily through playing multiplayer. Instead, you have to dip your toes into Zombies.

To see how to unlock the Bone Collector Operator skin in MW3, check out the guide below.

Unlocking the Bone Collector Operator skin in MW3

Image via Activision

In principle, the Bone Collector skin is actually fairly simple to unlock; all you have to do is complete every single mission from Acts 1-3 in MW3 Zombies. This includes the final mission of Act 3, which is defeating Zakhaev. Upon defeating the Zombies boss, the Bone Collector skin will become available for you across all modes in MW3.

Fortunately, you only have to complete the missions in Acts 1, 2, and 3 in Zombies. You do not need to complete the Bad Signal mission in Act 4 or any future missions in other Acts to unlock the Bone Collector skin.

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Once Zakhaev is defeated, Bone Collector can be equipped via the Ripper Operator in MW3 or Warzone. Bone Collector is currently the only unlockable Operator from the Zombies mode in MW3, so it’s a perfect way to showcase your dedication to killing the undead.

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