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Over the past three years, Call of Duty has introduced more optical sights than ever before. This trend really began in Modern Warfare 2019, where the current Gunsmith system was introduced. Since then, hundreds of different sights have been available for players to use. Out of all of those sights, players have generally preferred a specific color reticle dot, blue. The blue reticle dot has been more popular than the traditional red dot because it can be easier to see the blue dot in certain situations. However, so far in Modern Warfare 2, players haven’t figured out how to equip the blue reticle dot.

The blue reticle dot really became popular within the Warzone community. Players loved the way the blue dot looked on the large-scale maps that Warzone uses. With Warzone 2 coming out in just under two weeks, players have wondered if they’ll have the option to equip a blue reticle dot like they currently can in the original Warzone. Find out how to equip the blue reticle dot below.

Unlocking the Blue Reticle Dot in Modern Warfare 2

Cronen Mini Pro Blue Dot

Unlike its predecessor, there is no current menu to equip different reticle colors in Modern Warfare 2. While this could come at a later date, it doesn’t look like this feature will arrive by Warzone 2’s release on Nov. 16.

Fortunately, there is still a way to equip the blue reticle dot in MW2. The way it works in MW2 is that players have to equip a specific optic to get a different reticle color. Players will need to equip either the Cronen Mini Pro or Corio RE-X Pro to get a blue reticle dot. These two optics can be unlocked by reaching a certain level with two different weapons. Those weapons are:

  • Level 7 on Expedite 12 – Cronen Mini Pro
  • Level 4 on .50 GS – Corio RE-X Pro

Once players have those optics unlocked, they can equip them on any weapon in Modern Warfare 2 and have the blue reticle dot they desire.

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