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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone received another update on June 1 in Season 3, which introduced the AMP63 pistol. The newest weapon in both titles was teased prior to Season 3. The AMP63 can be unlocked by any player through a challenge or by purchasing a bundle.

As a fully automatic pistol, the AMP63 is the first of its kind in Black Ops Cold War. Additionally, Warzone received the Sykov pistol in May of 2021, which provides a bit of an overlap in content.

Nevertheless, players will undoubtedly want to get their hands on the newest weapon. Here’s how to unlock the AMP63 in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

How to get the AMP63 in Black Ops Cold War

The easiest way to unlock the newest pistol in Cold War is by completing one of two challenges; one for multiplayer and the other for zombies. The challenges are as follows:


  • Using a pistol, eliminate five enemies in 20 different completed matches


  • Using pistols, get 400 critical kills

Aside from the challenges, players can also purchase the newest store bundle, Gamma Ray, for 1,000 COD Points. This Cold War bundle comes with the Gravitazer blueprint for the AMP63. It also includes three other cosmetic items and two tier skips for the Season 3 Battle Pass.

If players decide to go this route, they’ll still progress the weapon’s level but they won’t have access to camo challenges. The only way to access camo challenges is to fully unlock the weapon through either challenge.

AMP63 bundle in Black Ops Cold War
Players can unlock the AMP63 in Cold War with the Gamma Ray bundle. | Provided by Activision

How to get the AMP63 in Warzone

In Warzone, players can also complete a challenge to unlock the AMP63. That challenge is as follows:


  • Using a pistol, eliminate five enemies in 20 different matches

There’s also the option of purchasing the Gamma Ray bundle to unlock the AMP63 in Warzone.