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Call of Duty Mobile players are always looking to gain an edge over their opponents and there’s perhaps no better way to do that than by selecting the right perks. These create-a-class items can completely change a player’s gameplay — most of the time for the better. However, some players are looking to equip Agile, a specifically strong perk in COD Mobile, but can’t figure out how to do so.

Agile is a Perk 2 in COD Mobile and isn’t unlocked as soon as players load up the game for the first time. There’s also no challenge associated with it, so this leaves fans with some confusion as to how to unlock it. Below, players can learn what the Agile perk does and how to unlock it.

Unlocking the Agile Perk in COD Mobile

The first thing that players will need to know about the Agile Perk is how to physically unlock it. If they can’t do that, it doesn’t matter what it does for their gameplay in-game.

The Agile Perk is unlocked by simply leveling up in either multiplayer or battle royale. It’s unlocked at level 29 in COD Mobile. Players can see what level they are by going to the main lobby screen and viewing their profile in the top left corner of the screen. Once they reach level 29, Agile is unlocked permanently for all classes in multiplayer.

As for what Agile does, it makes moving around the map much easier. According to the in-game description, the Agile Perk offers faster object mantling and an 85% increase to aiming time for weapons after sprinting. This means players will be able to get their gun up quicker after they come out of a sprint. They can also mantle objects faster, which is useful for getting out of sticky situations or when chasing an enemy.

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