How to unlock more Active Duty Operator slots in DMZ
Unlock Active Duty Operator Slots DMZ
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How to unlock more Active Duty Operator slots in DMZ

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The Active Duty Operator slot feature in Season 3 of Call of Duty DMZ is one of the most welcome additions to the game mode yet. Essentially, it allows players to equip different operators with different weapons and equipment.

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This means if players don’t want to risk all of their rare gear on a mission run, they can simply switch to an operator without any rare gear equipped. However, if players want to go and kill as many enemies as possible, then they can simply switch to their decked-out Active Duty Operator slot.

By default, players have access to three different Active Duty Operator slots in DMZ. Although, due to how useful the slots are, players want to know if and how they can unlock any additional slots.

Unlocking more Active Duty Operator slots in DMZ

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Unfortunately, you will not be able to unlock an additional slot through playtime or completing a challenge in DMZ. Instead, the only way to go about unlocking a fourth slot is by purchasing a new bundle in the COD Store.

This bundle is called the “Bomb Squad Bundle,” and it costs 1,200 COD Points. The bundle comes with a skin for Fender that also unlocks a fourth Active Duty Operator slot in DMZ. Bomb Squad also features an LMG blueprint that only has a 15-minute insured cooldown associated with it.

At the of writing, there are no other ways to unlock more Active Duty Operator slots. The fourth slot is locked behind a paywall, which is certainly disappointing to hardcore DMZ fans that could truly benefit from an extra slot, but don’t have the funds to afford a $12 bundle. It’s possible Activision will release another method of unlocking more slots, but this is how the system is set up at the beginning of Season 3.

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