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Dead Silence has been either a perk or a Field Upgrade in Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare trilogy, and that formula has not been tinkered with in MW3. However, the developers did something to appease all fans of Dead Silence, which is adding it as both a perk and Field Upgrade in multiplayer.

COD Vanguard also handled Dead Silence this way, allowing players to choose between the two on each of their loadouts. In MW3, there’s Dead Silence the Field Upgrade, which works just like it does in MW2, and the Covert Sneakers perk in the Boots category. Covert Sneakers always keep your footsteps silent while you have to activate Dead Silence when using it as a Field Upgrade.

I have already gone over how to unlock the Covert Sneakers in MW3, so now let’s cover Dead Silence.

Unlocking the Dead Silence Field Upgrade in MW3

In multiplayer, there is only a single way to unlock Dead Silence, and it’s not through the standard leveling system.

Instead, you need to go through the Armory Unlock Challenges system, which is not unlocked until you reach level 25 on your character. Once you reach that level, you can access the Armory Unlocks through the challenges menu.

Image via Activision

Here, you are able to scroll through different sections of content, including Field Upgrades. If you go over to that section, you should see the option for Dead Silence. If you don’t, then you can simply go to your loadouts and the Field Upgrades section to find Dead Silence (which will be locked). In any case, you need to choose to “Activate” the Armory Unlock Challenge for Dead Silence.

In order to unlock Dead Silence while it’s activated, you need to complete eight total Daily/Bonus Challenges. Daily Challenges can be completed in threes every day, with a new set of three coming at midnight Eastern time. Once you complete all three Daily Challenges in a day, you unlock the Bonus Challenge, which is to win a single match.

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You can complete the Bonus Challenge over and over and each time you win, it acts as you completing a Daily Challenge. So to unlock Dead Silence, you need to complete eight standard Daily Challenges or a mixture of eight Daily and Bonus Challenges. Once you accomplish that goal, Dead Silence will be unlocked to use in any loadout in MW3 multiplayer.

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