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One part of the content drop in Season 1 of Call of Duty MW3 is two killstreaks in the Swarm and the EMP. Both streaks have been featured in previous titles and will take you quite a long time to earn throughout the course of a match.

It’s not often we see killstreaks added in with a seasonal update in Call of Duty, but Season 1 of MW3 features two new ones. The EMP might not be as exciting as the Swarm, as it’s a non-lethal streak, but it has the potential to completely throw a team off and give your team the upper hand.

To call in the EMP in MW3, though, you need to go through the process of unlocking it, which might be confusing for some players.

Unlocking the EMP in MW3

While normally new seasonal content is available through the Battle Pass, the Swarm and EMP are unlockable in a different way. The killstreaks can be unlocked by completing an Armory Unlock Challenge, which is how a majority of content in MW3 multiplayer is unlocked.

The Armory Challenges themselves unlock at player level 25 and can be accessed through the Challenges tab. Here, you can go to the Armory Unlocks tab and then view the Killstreaks section. Here, you can find the EMP and activate its Armory Challenge. This allows you to start progressing the challenge to eventually unlock the killstreak.

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You can earn progress towards an Armory Challenge by completing Daily Challenges or winning matches in MW3. This applies in Zombies as well, but instead of winning matches, all you need to do is successfully exfil. Once you meet the criteria for EMP’s Armory Challenge, you can head to your Killstreaks menu in MW3 and equip it directly from there. The EMP is a 13 killstreak/1,625 scorestreak and once called in, it will disrupt all enemy killstreaks, equipment, and the enemy’s HUD itself. It’s quite a strong streak in multiplayer, so make sure to try it out if you can reach the kill/score requirements.