How to unlock and get kills with the JAK Bullseye in MW3
What guns can you use the JAK Bullseye optic on in MW3?
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How to unlock and get kills with the JAK Bullseye in MW3

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One of the challenges in the Week 7 Weekly Challenges for Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer is to get 30 Operator Kills using the JAK Bullseye on a Recommended Weapon. If you are trying to complete this challenge, you need to know what the JAK Bullseye attachment is and what weapons it can equipped on in multiplayer.

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You can find out everything you need to know about the JAK Bullseye in the guide below.

Unlocking the JAK Bullseye in MW3

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First and foremost, the JAK Bullseye is an optic in MW3 and it’s considered an Aftermarket Part. However, it slightly differs from most other Aftermarket Parts in that it can be equipped on most weapons in multiplayer.

Before you can think about using the JAK Bullseye, though, you need to unlock it. This is done by completing five of the Week 2 Challenges in Season 1 of MW3. You can complete five challenges across multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone, meaning you have a total of 21 challenges to choose from. By completing five of those 21, you unlock the JAK Bullseye and can go to the optic section of the Gunsmith to equip it on a weapon.

Getting kills with the JAK Bullseye in MW3

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Once you have the JAK Bullseye unlocked, all you need to do is go to a weapon’s loadout in multiplayer and select the optic category. The JAK Bullseye is right near the front of the list in the optic category, regardless of what gun you’re using.

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However, this particular optic is not available for every gun in the game. I found that most primary weapons do have access to it, though. Secondary weapons don’t seem to be able to use the JAK Bullseye and some primary weapons, like the KATT AMR, can’t use it either. As long as you pick something like an assault rifle, submachine gun, or battle rifle, though, you should be able to equip the JAK Bullseye and start getting kills with it.

After you get 30 kills while using the optic, the Week 7 Challenge in MW3 multiplayer will be complete and you’re one step closer to unlocking the TAQ Evolvere LMG.

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