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Call of Duty Vanguard has introduced the return of Automatic Tactical Sprint as a new way to sprint around the map. Automatic Tactical Sprint allows for the player to push forward on the movement stick without having to press down or tap to sprint. For anyone playing the beta, you can access this function under the settings tab.

Automatic tactical sprint on controller

Once in the settings for Vanguard, players can access the Automatic Sprint function under the “Controller” tab. After selecting the tab, players will have to scroll down to the gameplay section. There you will find the Automatic Sprint tab under the airborne mantle and target aim assist settings.

Automatic tactical sprint setting on controller
Vanguard settings menues. | Provided by Call of Duty

There players will find three different settings to choose from: off, automatic sprint, and automatic tactical sprint. The feature is off by default, meaning players must manually sprint using the sprint button. Automatic sprint will allow players to move forward while standing to automatically sprint. Players can press the sprint button twice in quick succession while sprinting to activate tactical sprint. Tactical sprint will make the player sprint automatically by moving forward.

Keyboard and mouse

For keyboard and mouse users, the auto tactical sprint setting is found in a different place tab. Players can access it under the “Keyboard & Mouse” tab under the gameplay section to turn on the setting. Once in the gameplay section, scroll down to automatic sprint which is below the automatic ground mantle on the tab.

Automatic tactical sprint setting on keyboard and mouse
Provided by Call of Duty

Like for controllers, the automatic sprint is off by default and features three different settings for users. Press whatever key you have bound to move forward while standing to automatically sprint. Usually, this is “W” on the keyboard. Press any sprint or tactical sprint keybind while sprinting to activate the tactical sprint.