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In Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4’s patch notes, most players will immediately focus their attention on the weapon changes. These are usually the most interesting section of the patch notes, as the developers detail all of the buffs and nerfs for weapons. While there were certainly a plethora of intriguing changes, players might have overlooked a key part of the patch notes in the “attachment changes” section. Developer Raven Software altered several attachments in Warzone Season 4 — this season, two attachments were buffed and if combined, make players sprint twice as fast as they could in Season 3.

Warzone Season 4 changes possible movement speeds

These two attachments are the Taped Grip (Rear Grip section) and the Mark VI Skeletal (Underbarrel section). Normally, these two attachments would only offer moderate increases to mobility. Now, both attachments have been altered to boost mobility even further this season; both of these changes can be seen below.

  • Taped Grip (VG)
    • Movement Speed now increased to 5%.
    • Sprint to Fire Speed now increased to 2%.
  • Mark VI Skeletal (VG)
    • Movement Speed now increased to +1%
    • Hip Fire Accuracy now decreased to -2%

When combined, they offer a 6% increase in movement speed, with the Taped Grip also buffing sprint-to-fire speed. Players can also equip the Quick and Momentum perks along with certain magazines and barrels to maximize their sprinting speed in Warzone Season 4.

According to Warzone expert JGOD, he tried out this set of attachments on a Mac-10 loadout. When he tried giving another player not using these attachments a head start in a race, JGOD easily caught up and passed them. When the two players swapped loadouts, they saw the same results, although this time the other player caught up to JGOD.

As of right now, players can gain a tremendous boost to their Warzone sprint speed just by equipping these two nearly-universal attachments on Vanguard weapons.