How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 slide cancel
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How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2

The controversial mechanic has returned

Just a few hours into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta, players have discovered how to slide cancel; this controversial movement mechanic was thought to have been removed from the game. It’s been a staple of the last three COD titles, but developer Infinity Ward took steps to ensure that players couldn’t perform the mechanic. While the slide is still in the game, it’s a much slower version, which was thought to eliminate any chance of slide canceling. However, as most CDL fans expected, OpTic Texas’ Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro found out how to do it anyway.

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During a stream of the MW2 beta, Shotzzy was playing with his OpTic teammate, Seth “Scump” Abner. The pair had been attempting to find a workaround in the new slide mechanic so they could slide cancel. After a few hours, Shotzzy was finally able to find this workaround. While it’s not a refined version of the slide cancel, it actually does help speed up players’ movement in Modern Warfare 2 quite a bit.

Below, fans can see exactly how to pull off the MW2 slide cancel.

The slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2

Players can choose to read the steps below or watch this Twitch clip from Scump’s stream where Shotzzy explains how to perform the slide cancel. Either way, we also recommend watching the Twitter video Shotzzy has shared so players can see how it’s supposed to look.

  1. Pull out your secondary weapon (pistol)
  2. Tap your slide button
  3. Pull out your primary weapon
  4. Hold the aim button
  5. Press the jump button

As players can see, this isn’t a one-for-one remake of the slide cancel from previous Call of Duty titles. However, it does allow players to slide and pull out their weapons faster than they normally would. It’s unknown if this is an intended mechanic of sliding in Modern Warfare 2, so Infinity Ward could patch this at a later date. For now, though, you might see more players sliding around the beta maps.

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