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There are 36 total weapons you need to complete challenges for to earn the ultimate Mastery Camo in Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer or Zombies. Luckily, you don’t actually have to complete challenges for one of the worst weapons, the RGL-80, in MW3 to earn either Interstellar or Borealis.

The RGL-80 is a launcher that has been quite frustrating to use for many players early on in MW3. On top of that, it has some extremely difficult camo challenges that can make earning Interstellar or Borealis even more challenging than it already is. If you haven’t used the RGL-80 yet or are simply growing annoyed going for camos on it, there is a simple way to skip the weapon altogether on the road to getting Mastery Camos in MW3.

Skipping the RGL-80 camo challenges in MW3

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If you played MW2 last year, then you likely already know the trick to skipping certain weapons during the camo grind. However, for any new players or players that need a refresher, you don’t have to complete every weapon class’ camos to unlock either Interstellar or Borealis.

Both camos only require you to earn the Priceless/Serpentinite camo for 36 total weapons in MW3. Currently in MW3, there are 37 weapons in the game after the addition of the TAQ Eradicator. This will be increased to 40 total weapons when the Season 1 update arrives. So, to skip the RGL-80’s camo challenges in MW3, all you need to do is complete camo challenges for another weapon besides the launcher.

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In short, if you get all of the camos for the TAQ Eradicator or any other post-launch weapon besides the RGL-80, you can completely bypass the RGL-80 on the way to Interstellar or Borealis. As most weapons are much simpler than the RGL-80, I highly recommend this strategy. It’s the one I used to earn Interstellar, as I simply got all of the camos for the TAQ Eradicator and didn’t even bother using the RGL-80.

To sum up, here’s how to skip the RGL-80’s camo challenges:

  • Level up and earn every camo for 35 weapons
  • Then, pick one weapon in MW3 to replace the RGL-80
  • Earn every camo for the weapon you picked
  • Unlock Interstellar or Borealis

It’s that simple, so if you don’t like using launchers, you don’t have to ever touch the RGL-80 to unlock either Mastery Camo in MW3.