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How to sign up for the Red Bull Campus Clutch competition

Red Bull Campus Clutch VALORANT tournament is back for 2022

The Red Bull Campus Clutch VALORANT competition is back, bringing the best students from around the world to compete. The competition’s Australian leg has just kicked off, with students representing their universities; everything comes to a peak at the World Finals in Brazil later this year.

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Australian Campus Clutch

Students from around Australia have started to play in the regional qualifiers this week. Students will need to gather in a team of five to compete for their university. Whilst students are individually competing for their university, players do not all need to attend the same university to be on the same team. Only students enrolled in an Australian university and who are over the age of 18 are eligible to participate. The qualifiers run until September 24; there’s still time left to grab your team and register if you are eligible.

The top teams from around the country will compete in the National Finals on October 1. The National winners will go on to represent Australia at the Global Finals. Winners will have flights to São Paulo paid for as part of their prize.

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Global competition – how to sign up

Last year, over fifty countries and more than 25,000 students competed in the Red Bull Campus Clutch competition. This year, it’s expected to be even bigger. Some countries have already completed their National titles. However, many are still in the process of regional qualifiers. If you are keen to participate, check the global events website to find the event for your country. Once you’ve found your country and a suitable qualifying date, click “Register”. Remember, you need to be a student at a university and have your student ID ready for verification. If you don’t have a team, you can sign up for a solo qualifying event where you’ll be placed in a team.

Fans can watch the VALORANT competition on Twitch. Various country channels have been streaming the games. It’s also expected that the finals will be live streamed on Red Bull TV.

The winning teams from each country will go on to compete at the Global Finals. Students will come together in Brazil this December to find out who is best student VALORANT team in the world. The winning team will take home €20 000, along with an exclusive VIP experience to next year’s VALORANT Masters event.

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