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One of the best new features added in this past year’s MW2 is the ability to run a Benchmark Test on PC, which allows you to see how much performance your PC is capable of at certain settings. Well, seeing as MW3 shares many of the same features as MW2, it’s no surprise to see that the Benchmark Test has returned in the new title.

However, the test is found in a completely different spot than it is in MW2, which has confused PC players who are looking to see how much FPS their computer can achieve. Fortunately, the Benchmark Test is relatively easy to get to within the COD HQ menu, and you can see exactly where to find it and how to get the best results when testing your PC in MW3.

Running a Benchmark Test on PC in MW3

To run a Benchmark Test, all you have to do is go to the main COD HQ page when you first load up MW3. You will know you’re in the right place if you’re able to select from multiplayer modes, Zombies, and Warzone all on the same page.

On this page, you want to scroll down until you see the section for MW3 specifically. Here, you can scroll horizontally to find different modes to enter. This includes multiplayer, Zombies, Campaign, and even Private Matches. For some reason, you need to click on the Private Matches box to get to the Benchmark Test. Once you click on Private Matches, you are prompted to create or join a match or start a Benchmark . Obviously, you want to click on Benchmark, which brings you to the testing page.

Image via Activision

Here, you can click “Start” to begin the test, which lasts around a minute.

How to get the best results on a Benchmark Test in MW3

Image via Activision

If you want to ensure you’re giving your PC the best chance possible at a good score, you want to check a few things:

  • Close any background applications that might hurt your performance when running the test (Discord, Chrome tabs, media apps, etc.)
  • Tinker with your graphics settings to optimize your FPS. This includes turning on some form of Upscaling/Sharpening, lowering certain settings, and going with your preferred resolution
  • Make sure all of your drivers are updated

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You can run as many Benchmark Tests as you want in MW3, so I suggest swapping out settings and using different Upscaling/Sharpening options to see what gives your PC the best possible performance. This is a great tool to see what might be causing any FPS issues in-game, so tinker until you think you have found the most optimal settings for you.

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