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Call of Duty: Vanguard is a week old and Sledgehammer Games has already introduced a working Anti-Cheat. The RICOCHET software was announced earlier this year and is mainly designed to combat cheaters in Warzone.

However, the developers of the Anti-Cheat have adapted the software for Vanguard as well. This means that if players see a user cheating in multiplayer, they can get them banned from Call of Duty titles. To go about doing that, players need to report that specific player in Vanguard.

On Saturday, Sledgehammer released a blog post detailing how RICOCHET works in Vanguard. Essentially, the software runs to detect any third-party cheating software and bans the users it finds running the cheats. However, no Anti-Cheat is airtight, and some players will be able to evade the system and cheat in-game. This is where the community comes in.

Reporting a cheating player in Vanguard

To go about reporting a player, users need to first find a player they suspect of cheating in Vanguard multiplayer. However, players should make sure the user they suspect of cheating looks suspicious enough to warrant the report. Also, cheaters aren’t the only players who can be reported. If a player is using offensive language, for example, players can report them as well. This article mainly focuses on the cheating aspect of the process, though.

After players encounter a supposed cheater, they can finish or quit the match they’re currently playing and head back to the main lobby. From there, press Triangle/Y/F1 to bring up the Social tab and navigate to the “Recent Players” section. On this screen, select the player that suspected of cheating by clicking on their name. This will bring up a menu, which has the option to report that player.

After clicking, players can then select the reasoning for the report along with a description if they want to provide one. Players can finish up the process by hitting submit.

With enough help from the community, the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat software will be at its highest level of effectiveness in Vanguard.