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Riot Games is celebrating Pride month this year with in-game items redeemable for all of their titles. This year’s Pride celebration for VALORANT comes in the form of new calling cards representing different Pride flags. Players can choose between seven different calling cards to show their pride or their support in-game. All of the new cards are available for free with their corresponding codes. The event also introduced two free titles available to be redeemed.

VALORANT redemption codes for free Pride calling cards.
Image provided by Riot Games

VALORANT Pride collection codes

There are seven new calling cards in the Pride event. Each card uses a vibrant color scheme representing a different pride flag. We have included a list detailing each card’s colors, the corresponding group being represented and the code with which you can redeem the card for free.

Flag colors Representation Redeem code
Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red LBTQIA+ pride prismatic
Blue, pink and white Transgender pride cottoncandy
Pink, yellow and blue Pansexual pride primary
Yellow, purple, white and black Non-binary pride galactic
Pink, purple and blue Bisexual pride sunset
Purple, white, grey and black Asexual pride twilight
Red, orange, white, pink and purple Lesbian pride sherbert or sherbet

VALORANT’s Pride 2021 event also gives players access to two free titles:

  • “Proud” Title. Code: JUBILANT01
  • “Ally” Title. Code: JUBILANT02

You can redeem all seven calling cards and two free titles on the official VALORANT redemption page.

Redeem codes in VALORANT

VALORANT introduced the redeem system during VALORANT Champions Tour: Masters 2. On the final day of competition, VALORANT released a lore trailer called ‘Duality’ which allowed players to redeem a limited-edition calling card. This was the first use of Riot Games’ redeem system on the VALORANT website.

For days the redeem webpage was bogged down with thousands of requests for the calling card. This issue seems to have risen again with the current Pride event. VALORANT released a statement on Twitter saying that they were actively working on a fix for the site being down for so long.