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The most recent update in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has benefited Vanguard players tremendously. The update seemingly changed the weapon XP rates in the Plunder game mode. Plunder was already one of the best ways to level up Vanguard guns, since it’s basically one large Team Deathmatch. However, the XP rates now are so high that players can rank up their guns to max level in around one hour.

Content creator @ModernWarzone is credited with discovering this method of leveling up weapons. However, it’s unclear if the method is a glitch or intended on the part of Raven Software. Players are leaning towards the former since it seems strange that Plunder would offer such high weapon XP rates.

Regardless, as of the time of writing, players can hop into a match of Plunder and rank up their weapons extremely quickly just by earning kills.

Leveling up Vanguard weapons in Plunder

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey took ModernWarzone’s method and put it to the test. According to Prestige, they were able to level up their Type 11 light machine gun to max level 70 in just over an hour. Players should keep in mind that Double Weapon XP was active while this process took place. Although, even without Double Weapon XP, players could still rank up their weapons much quicker in Plunder than in traditional multiplayer.

PrestigeIsKey claims that if players earn around 20-25 kills in each Plunder match they play, they can go from level 1-70 on a weapon in roughly one hour. Without Double Weapon XP, this likely takes around two hours. Of course, if players earn more kills than that, they can cut down on that time significantly.

All players need to do is find as many enemies as they can in Plunder and get to work earning kills. Even if players die, they can respawn immediately and keep on racking up kills. Compared to traditional Vanguard multiplayer, players can reach max level on weapons in under half of the time.

If this method is indeed a bug, Raven Software will likely patch the Plunder XP rates before long.

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