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The Dec. 20 update in COD Mobile brought a ton of exciting new content, including the Prop Hunt game mode. Fans have been waiting for Prop Hunt since the game’s release, as it blends both enjoyment and competitiveness extremely well. If you’re unfamiliar with the mode, there are two teams, one full of regular players and one made up of “props.” The props are random items from around the map that players can transform into in order to stay hidden from the other team. Some players know exactly how to play the mode while others are in the dark. For those that are unfamiliar with the mode and how to play, here are some of the best strategies for both sides of Prop Hunt (Prop and Hunter teams).

1. Transform into something small. (Prop team)

While you won’t always have this luxury, smaller props are always the way to go. Though it might be tempting to turn into a giant box and stack yourself on other boxes, larger objects are always shot first.

Although, if you turn into a tiny object, such as a tire or desk item, then your survival chances are increased tenfold. It’s still likely you’ll be shot by the hunting team, but you have a better chance of staying alive thanks to your small frame avoiding bullets.

This tiny plant prop is an excellent example of transforming into something small.

2. Don’t seem out of place. (Prop team)

Sometimes, this can’t be avoided, unfortunately. If the timer is winding down and you have no place to hide, the only option is to stick yourself in a corner. However, if you transform into a really nice object from the beginning, find a spot where that object fits in.

The enemy team will be on the lookout for props that don’t seem like they belong. For example, if you transform into a stack of tires and you hide near a house, the enemy team will surely shoot you. However, if you hide in a garage or near other tires, your chances of being shot decrease.

3. Only shoot one bullet at each object. (Hunter team)

In COD Mobile‘s Prop Hunt, you only get a certain amount of bullets per round. One big mistake a lot of players make is shooting all of their bullets within the first 30 seconds then having no ammunition for the rest of the round.

If you want to succeed as a hunter, make sure to shoot the least amount of bullets you can. You will get a hit marker with only one bullet if you manage to find a prop. So, using fewer bullets is of no harm to you as the hunter.

COD Mobile Prop Hunt
Winter Raid was also added in with the Dec. 20 update.

4. Hide near another teammate. (Prop team)

This last trick is risky, but it could pay off if you’re willing to try it. During the mad dash to find a hiding spot, try to follow a teammate that’s using a larger prop. Once they find a spot, hide somewhat near them, but only if it’s a good hiding spot for you.

Once the hunters start coming around, they’ll hopefully shoot your teammate and go chasing after them, failing to realize you’re hiding right next to them. Hunters rarely go back and search an area they’ve already found a prop in, so you should be safe.

That’s all our tips on how to play Prop Hunt! Make sure you keep updated with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage.