How to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PC with Plutonium
Black Ops 2 on PC
Provided by Activision

How to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PC with Plutonium

Return to the glory days of Call of Duty

The offseason for Call of Duty fans is here, as the current title, Black Ops Cold War, is reaching its end. While Warzone is still as popular as ever and the Vanguard betas are ongoing, fans are looking for something new to play. Traditionally, that something new isn’t actually a fresh title, but a return to a previous Call of Duty game. Recently, the popular title to experience this with is Black Ops 2, which is even playable on PC.

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The PC version of Black Ops 2 has been around for years but was brought into the mainstream as of late. This is due to the efforts of professional Call of Duty players, who have repopulated the servers and even started some wager scrimmages. For fans hoping to run into a professional or simply experience Black Ops 2 again, follow the guide below to play on PC.

Playing Black Ops 2 on PC

The spearhead behind the recent Black Ops 2 movement has been COD world champion Chris “Parasite” Duarte. The current amateur player won his world championship on Black Ops 2, so it makes sense he would want to return.

Last month, he let fans know about a fan-made mod that allows players to play Black Ops 2. The mod is called “Plutonium,” and even allows fans to automatically gain master prestige and have every item unlocked. Parasite uploaded a video showing fans how they can download Plutonium but we’ve also listed the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Download in the top right corner
  3. Head to Steam and follow Plutonium’s instructions for adding Black Ops 2 to your library
  4. Launch the newly added Plutonium app on the PC
  5. Go to the Black Ops 2 tab
  6. Click on Setup and follow Plutonium’s instructions for creating a file path for Black Ops 2
  7. Close the Plutonium app after the file path has been created
  8. Relaunch the app, click on Black Ops 2 and then click Play

Once players are in the Plutonium version of Black Ops 2, they can join a server close to their location.

Configuring a controller

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Black Ops 2 is playable on PC with the right configuration. | Provided by Activision

For players who are using a controller, they can download “DS4Windows,” which allows the controller to have much less input lag when playing. After players have downloaded the application, they need to unzip the folder, click on the application and then plug in the controller they want to use. Parasite also made a video explaining this more in-depth for fans who want a visual.

Once the controller is set up, players can hop on Black Ops 2. Something to note, players cannot use their controller when navigating the menu or Create-A-Class. The controller only works in-game, so players will need a keyboard of some sort.

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