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As of 2021, there aren’t too many differences between COD Mobile and a mainstream Call of Duty title, like Modern Warfare. However, some players overlook the presence of movement mechanics like the slide cancel just because COD Mobile is a mobile game.

The slide cancel, which is alive and well in COD Mobile, is easily one of the most infamous movement mechanics in Call of Duty and FPS gaming in general. The action involves players going into a slide but not waiting for the animation to fully finish. Instead, players can jump or stop the animation, allowing them to get the benefit of a slide without having to wait for the animation to finish. This saves precious seconds and is considered an advanced movement mechanic.

Slide canceling in COD Mobile

The action itself isn’t tough to pull off, but the difficulty will depend on what device a player is using. The action is simple to do on a keyboard or controller, which are both supported devices in COD Mobile. However, the real challenge comes with a player using their fingers on a mobile device.

While this is the intended way to play, it’s not the easiest method of performing actions in-game. Nevertheless, the steps to perform a slide cancel are the same regardless of the input device in use.

COD Mobile slide cancel
Slide canceling has been a mechanic in COD since the mid-2010s | Provided by Activision

The first step is to go into a slide by tapping the “Crouch” button. Be careful, though, as holding it will make players go into a full prone position. Once players are mid-slide, they need to quickly press “Jump.” This needs to be done within a second or less, as any longer and the slide animation will be too far along to interrupt.

If successful, players will pop up out of their slide and be ready to take on any enemies with their gun out. This movement mechanic, once mastered, is an invaluable tool for players looking to up their game in COD Mobile. It’s perfect for any game mode and occasion.