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The League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series is the mobile game’s first official tournament circuit organized by Riot Games. This tournament includes all of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, CIS and Turkey.

The tournament was announced in May of 2021 with all teams playing through monthly cups to qualify for an offline final. The Wild Rift Origin Series qualifiers began on June 5 across all included regions and will continue through Aug. Currently, the July qualifiers are ongoing with monthly finals from July 26-28.

Format for the Wild Rift Origin Series qualifiers

The tournament format is a double-elimination mode with a best-of-three games. The game mode for all games is Custom-Draft Pick 5v5. Also, there is no restriction on which champions players can use. The higher seeded team will create the game lobby and invite their opponents. Spectators are not allowed in the lobby, and the higher seeded team will pick what side they’re on for the first game. After this, the losing team of each game will then pick their side for the next game.

Furthermore, only the first two teams will make it to the monthly finals, with points being allotted to those on the leaderboards. The monthly finals are where the top 16 teams from all the groups will compete for crucial points and prize money. Points for each month determine which teams advance to the offline finals. The Wild Rift Origin Series finals will take place in September  of 2021, and qualifying teams get a chance to earn a share of the €300,000 prize pool.

How to join League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series qualifiers

Any Wild Rift player can join these monthly qualifiers but they will have to meet certain requirements. Usually, players must be in a team of five to eight players. Also, players must enter their Riot Games identification during registration. Teams must also have at least three members with residence in any of the specified regions. No player under the age of 16 will be able to register for the qualifiers. To enter the qualifiers, all players can register on the Origin Series page.