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Valorant introduced a Twitter bot that allows you to create a custom banner with your favorite Agent. This customizable banner was a way to celebrate the worldwide release of the game. Any player with a Twitter account who is following Valorant has access to the customizable tool.

On Valorant’s Twitter page, it explains the process to obtain your own custom banner. You have to reply to the original post, or the other responses, with the hashtag #DefyTheLimits. This saying has become the face of Valorant’s first season with Ignition: Act 1. The saying was first introduced during the Brazilian promotional video.

Valorant Twitter banner

If you follow Valorant on Twitter, you can access this customization tool for yourself. All you have to do is reply to the initial tweet, or other responses, with #DefyTheLimits. It seems like the hashtag isn’t case-sensitive, and it doesn’t matter if you add additional text. Once you’ve replied to the tweet, Valorant’s bot will respond to you. Next, you’ll have to choose between one of the original 10 agents. Sadly, if you’re a Reyna main, you won’t be able to have her as an option.

Valorant Twitter banner
Image via @PlayValorant

Valorant prompts you to use a hashtag in front of the Agent that you’ve chosen. For example, if you chose to have your Agent be Omen, you’ll respond with #Omen. After you’ve chosen an Agent, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of phrases that explain your play style. These phrases range from “Ace Master” to “Camper.” Once you’ve chosen what phrase you want, you will reply to the post with the corresponding hashtag.

Valorant Twitter Banner
Image via @PlayValorant

This is the last step to achieving your custom banner. When you’ve chosen your Agent and saying, you’ll be presented with a custom Twitter banner with your @ in the middle. There doesn’t appear to be a limit to how many times you can make a banner. However, the software for the bot is slow, as Valorant devs have addressed. If you don’t get a response from the bot right away, just have patience or try again.

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