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With Season 2 starting, a new battle pass is available for all players to grind through in Overwatch 2.

To get through the battle pass quickly, you’ll need to focus on the challenges you get and the battle pass experience you gain through them. While some challenges offer little XP, the weekly and seasonal challenges are what you should focus on to get through your battle pass faster, whether you get the Premium pass or use the free one.

Completing challenges is the key to the battle pass

When logging into Overwatch 2 and heading to the battle pass, click the challenges tab on the left. This shows all the challenges you currently have, from daily to weekly and seasonal challenges. Even some lifetime challenges offer battle pass XP, so look into that for some of the earlier tiers.

But, if you’re looking to get through tiers fast, the challenges that offer the most experience are the weekly challenges. The most common amount of experience you can get from each weekly challenge is 5000 XP, half a tier’s worth. There is a good chunk of these challenges right now, over ten with more coming in every week. So, as of right now, you can get around five tiers worth of XP from completing these challenges.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle pass
The weekly challenges in Overwatch 2. | Provided by Michael Czar.

There are some seasonal challenges that offer a good chunk of XP, but require a lot of time playing competitively to get. Along with daily challenges that offer 3000 XP each with up to three per day, there is potential for one Overwatch 2 grinding session to unlock around three tiers in this Season 2 battle pass.

Buying a faster battle pass is an option

Of course, all of what I said above gets a little easier if you get the premium battle pass. Upon purchasing it, not only do you unlock Ramattra, but you get an XP boost. That boost lasts all season long, increasing all XP gain by 20%.

This means that if you don’t mind spending that $10 USD getting the pass, you’ll get through more of the pass than a regular player will during the same time spent.

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