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Now that the Double Weapon XP weekend is over in Call of Duty: Vanguard, players are discovering how slowly it takes to level up guns in multiplayer. Reaching Level 70 for a single primary weapon takes nearly eight hours of standard gameplay to reach. However, in order to help shorten this time, YouTuber JGOD found a way to maximize weapon XP in Vanguard.

The method in use doesn’t actually involve multiplayer. So, players won’t need to worry about loading into matches with higher-level players and not getting enough kills to level up their guns.

Level up guns faster in Vanguard

JGOD is the creator that first popularized this method of gaining XP. He found that playing Zombies a certain way allows players to cut the time to grind weapons to max level in half. This is a huge bonus for those looking to go for the Atomic Mastery camo or ensure their weapons are ready for Warzone Pacific.

JGOD found that by only killing the first 35 Zombies in a match, his weapon XP was maximized. Once he reaches 35 kills, he exits the Zombies match and then loads up another. For whatever reason, Vanguard Zombies doesn’t reward players with copious amounts of weapon XP for going on long sessions.

Using this method, JGOD says that he earned three max level pistols in one day, or eight hours of playtime. However, he also stated that he used Double Weapon XP Tokens to do so. For players unable to use those tokens, they can expect to put in a few more hours in order to achieve the same results.

Players that can use tokens, though, should expect to reach max level with pistols in three hours while primary weapons take around four hours. This is much more efficient than the five to eight hours it takes in standard multiplayer.