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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has finally arrived and millions of players around the world will be dropping into Al Mazrah for the first time today and over the coming days.

Activision and the developers at Raven Software have changed up a slew of gameplay aspects in Warzone 2, but the core gameplay loop is still intact. Players drop in, gear up, fight enemies, avoid the circle, and try to survive to be the last player standing. During this process in the original Warzone, players would take advantage of custom loadouts, which were pre-made classes that players created themselves. In Warzone 2, players can still equip a custom loadout, but the method of doing so has changed slightly.

In essence, there are really two different forms of a loadout in Warzone 2. The first form is extremely simple, as it’s just the primary weapon from a loadout. This still has all of the attachments and cosmetics players equipped, but players won’t receive anything but the primary weapon on a loadout. Then, there’s the traditional loadout, which comes with everything from the two weapons to equipment.

Getting your custom loadout in Warzone 2

Provided by Activision

First, we’ll explain how to just get your loadout’s primary weapon. At the launch of Warzone 2, this is only acquired via the new Buy Stations, which contain some new items for players to purchase. One of those items is the primary weapon from any one of your loadouts that you’ve pre-set. There’s no longer a way to buy your complete loadout from a Buy Station, players will need to acquire that in other ways. Your primary weapon simply comes with all of your attachments and cosmetics and nothing else.

As for your complete custom loadouts, you can acquire those in one of two ways. The first is by securing a Loadout Drop, which randomly falls from the sky at different times between the second and sixth circles. These work exactly how they did in the original Warzone.

Next, players can also earn a custom loadout by clearing out a Stronghold in Warzone 2. Strongholds are located at several locations across Al Mazrah and contain enemy AI at them. Players need to fight through the AI and completely clear out the location. Once they do, they will earn themselves a loadout. If players are the first to complete the Stronghold, they will also earn a Black Site Key, which opens up a Black Site at another location on the map.

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