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Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is chock-full of various items players can loot.

All of this loot is used for different purposes. Some loot is able to be sold for cash while other loot is required for specific missions or objectives on the map. Various keys are among the most valuable pieces of loot that players can acquire. Keys are primarily used to open different buildings or locked items in Al Mazrah.

A question that players have had since DMZ launched is where to find these keys. Today, we’ll be going over how to find a specific key, the Travelers Luggage Key, in DMZ.

Getting the Travelers Luggage Key in DMZ

Currently, there are two ways to acquire the Travelers Luggage Key in DMZ. The first is to loot the key from dead AI bodies. Once you kill random AI, you can go over to their body and see what loot they’ve dropped. Sometimes, the AI will drop random keys, one of which can be the Travelers Luggage Key.

The other way to acquire the key is to complete HVT Contracts, specifically the Dead Drop mission. This mission can be found as a random contract on the map but it’s also given to you as a Faction Mission by the Legion. If you get the mission from the Legion, you can activate it in DMZ and then head into a match to complete it.

Dead Drop missions involve delivering 20 pieces of lethal equipment to dumpsters that are spread across the map. For the Legion’s mission, you will be tasked with dropping the 20 pieces of equipment at a dumpster in the Sarwana Hotel Alley. You can loot lethal equipment from chests and regular ground loot in DMZ. Once you’ve delivered 20 pieces to the specific dumpster, you will receive the Travelers Luggage Key as a reward.

 Traveler's Luggage Key in DMZ
The location of the Travelers Luggage Duffel Bag in DMZ. | Provided by Activision

Once you’ve received the Travelers Luggage Key in some fashion, you will see that you need to take it somewhere in the G7 section of the DMZ map to loot its reward. Specifically, you need to go the Al Malik Airport and find the Travelers Luggage Duffel Bag. This can be found on the second floor of the airport, in the southern section. In the waiting area next to some chairs, you will find the specific duffel bag, which can only be unlocked using your key.

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