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A Sidewinder Battle Rifle, with a drum and a white skin.
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How to get the Sidewinder JAK Thunder LMG kit in MW3

Here's how you can get your hands on the JAK Thunder LMG kit for the Siderwinder, and what it does.

The Sidewinder Battle Rifle is widely considered one of the worst guns in MW3, but the new JAK Thunder LMG kit could make it more powerful. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

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If you’ve been working your way through the camo challenges for the guns in Modern Warfare 3, you’ll know the Sidewinder is one of the weakest, most frustrating weapons to use in the game.

While the JAK Thunder LMG kit won’t suddenly make it a world-beater, it does at least help it a little bit and could make getting kills with it a little easier.

The Sidewinder in MW3
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How to unlock JAK Thunder LMG kit for Sidewinder

MW3 players can unlock the JAK Thunder LMG kit from Sector A21 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Don’t expect to save your tokens to unlock it though, as there is a challenge that needs to be completed before you add it to your loadouts. You’ll need to get “10 Operator or Special Zombie kills while aiming down sights with SMGs,” which thankfully, isn’t too hard.

Simply jump into a multiplayer game, pick your SMG of choice, and start killing enemies. You don’t even need a scope equipped to do it, just make sure to pull your left trigger, aim down the sight, and blast 10 opponents to unlock it.

JAK Thunder LMG kit explained

As for what it does, that’s simple. It turns your Battle Rifle into an LMG, adding a “large capacity magazine that ramps in fire rate the longer you hold down the trigger.”

Of course, the Sidewinder‘s recoil is already horrible, and the increased fire rate certainly doesn’t help, but at least you’re pumping out bullets, and some of them are bound to hit an enemy, right?

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