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Spending the first 20 or so minutes of a Call of Duty MW3 Zombies just to Pack-A-Punch your weapon twice is a time-consuming process, so why not just use a Refined Aetherium Crystal? This item immediately grants you the second level of Pack-A-Punch, but finding the Schematic for it is much easier said than done.

While you likely have the Raw Aetherium Crystal Schematic, the Refined version is a different story. There is only one way to obtain this Schematic in Zombies, and it’s entirely based on luck. If you don’t have the Refined Aetherium Crystal Schematic yet and are wondering exactly what you need to do to get it, then check out the guide below.

Getting the Refined Aetherium Crystal Schematic in MW3 Zombies

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Just like the Epic Aether Tool, you won’t be able to forego any of the randomness associated with obtaining the Refind Aetherium Crystal Schematic. You can have several days played in Zombies, like me, and still not have the Schematic.

Currently, the only way to get the Refined Aetherium Crystal Schematic is by completing contracts in the High Threat Zone (red zone) and looting the Reward Rifts afterward. Contracts in the Low or Medium Threat will never yield a Refined Aetherium Crystal Schematic, but they could reward you with the one-time-use crystal.

Contracts in the High Threat Zone are few and far between, as there are usually only a few of them active at once. Of course, that’s if other players haven’t completed them already. If there are no active contracts in the High Threat Zone, you have to wait some time before new ones pop up on the map.

Whenever you do seek out contracts in the High Threat Zone, I highly recommend going for the Escort Cargo Contracts. These require you to kill no zombies and you can complete each of these contracts in under a minute. Aside from those, Outlast Contracts are worthwhile and Bounty Contracts can be hit or miss. More often than not, a Bounty Contract requires you to kill a Mega Abomination, which can take quite a long time to defeat.

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Once you do complete a contract in the High Threat Zone, check the Reward Rift that spawns. If you’re lucky, you will receive the Refined Aetherium Crystal Schematic you’ve been seeking. If you don’t receive the Schematic, you have to keep trying with new contracts.