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There are dozens of medals in COD Mobile, some of which players might not even know exist. Sometimes challenges or quests will pop up in the seasons of COD Mobile that require players to earn a specific medal. In Season 6, some players are tasked with earning a Life Saver Medal, which is an enigma to a majority of players.

The Life Saver Medal isn’t something that players can do naturally in COD Mobile. It requires players to hop in the battle royale mode but some have no idea what to do once they’re in a match. In this guide, players will learn how to earn this medal and complete any quest associated with it.

Earning the Life Saver Medal in COD MobileC

Unlike the Avenger Medal, the Life Saver Medal is only available in battle royale. So players need to hop into a lobby and then choose if they want to play on the traditional map or Alcatraz. Once they’ve done that, they need to ensure they’re playing in quads.

The Life Saver Medal requires players to revive teammates at least four times in a single match. While players can do this playing duos, it’s much easier to accomplish with more teammates.

COD Mobile Life Saver Medal
The Life Saver Medal in COD Mobile. | Provided by Activision

Of course, this also requires those teammates to go down four times in a match. This isn’t something that players can control if they’re playing with random teammates. They’ll simply have to be in place to revive those teammates four times. However, if a player has three friends that are willing to go down the required number of times, this medal is earned with ease.

The easiest way to do this challenge without three friends is to join a clan. Players can then ask members of the clan if they’d be willing to help with earning the medal. Once players have earned the medal, they can opt to leave the clan if they wish.