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Halloween is almost here and Blizzard is back with another spooky event, this time for Overwatch 2.

The Halloween Terror 2022 is the first major event of Overwatch 2 and Blizzard is offering players several cosmetic loots for free by just partaking in the new event. The loot include sprays, weapon charms, Kiriko, Ashe, Sombra, Sojourn and Reindhart voice lines, and more. Players only have a limited time to obtain these rewards as the event runs from Oct 25 to Nov 1.


To get Kiriko, Sojourn, Ashe, Sombra and Reindhart voicelines, you will need to complete multiple challenges in the Junkeisten’s Revenge: Wraith of the Bride. This is a new PvE co-op mode where four heroes — Junker Queen, Ashe, Kiriko, and Sojourn — team up to fight bosses, Zominics and eventually Sombra. The Junkeisten mode is in Arcade and players can choose any of the four heroes that they prefer.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 Halloween event challenges and rewards| Image provided by Reddit User Cunnilingusmon

There are five Halloween Terror challenges that you must complete to earn the five heroes voice lines. These challenges and rewards include:

  • Win Wraith of the Bride on any difficulty (Reindhart voice line)
  • Destroy 15 Shock-Tires in Wrath of the Bride (Ashe voice line)
  • Witness all 7 Banshee moments in a single run of Wrath of the Bride (Kiriko voice lines)
  • Uncover the fate of a terror past in a hidden corner of Adlersbrunn in Wrath of the Bride (Sojourn voice line)
  • Strike a pose with the bride during her introduction in Wrath of the Bride (Sombra voice line)

How to obtain Reindarth’s voice line in Overwatch 2 Halloween Event

To obtain Reinhdhart “Our Tales Begins” Voice line, you’ll need to win Wraith of the Bride on any difficulty. For anyone looking to complete the challenge easily and obtain Reindhart’s voice line quicker, Story Mode is the best option to choose.

How to obtain Ashe’s voice line

You can obtain Ashe’s “Zomnics Under the Moon” voice line by destroying 15 Shock-Tires in Wraith of the Bride. Note, you don’t need to destroy 15 Shock-Tires in one run as all Shock-Tires destroyed in one run are counted in the next.

How to obtain Kiriko’s voice lines

Kiriko Halloween Terror
Kiriiko Halloween Terror| Image provided by Blizzard

To obtain Kiriko voice lines, you and the rest of your teammates need to complete the Ominous Portent challenge as well as the knock knock. challenge

During the Ominous Portent challenge, players have to witness all seven Banshee moments in a single run of Wrath of the Bride . To do this, all four players must agree not to pick the key before they complete the challenge. This challenge can easily be completed as each player’s Banshee sightings count towards the needed amount. Players that complete the Ominous challenge will receive Kiriko’s “Tarot Reading” voice line.

The Knock Knock challenge requires you to battle through Eichenwalde and enter the tarven. Knocking four times on the right door upstairs in the tavern will earn you Kiriko’s  “Scry Some More” voice line.

How to obtain Sojourn’s voice line in Overwatch 2 Halloween Event

To unlock Sojourn’s “It’s always the widow” voice line, you will need to complete the Witch’s Brew challenge. This challenge involves finding the secret Witch Mercy’s lair. You will need to defeat both Symmetra and Gargoyle Winstyon outside the castle gates to progress. After this, you’ll need to crouch to pass through a tunnel to enter the lair. Once in the lair, you’ll uncover the fate of a terror past and obtain Sojourn’s voice line.

How to obtain Sombra’s voice line

To receive Sombra’s ‘Never cross the bride” voice line all you need to do is complete the Photozomb challenge. This challenge towards the end after the bride’s introduction cut sceme. Players must hurry to Lord’s side and stand on top when the room to the final door opens. The goal here is to appear in the cut scene by getting to the Lord’s side as quickly as possible.


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