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The Haunting is the latest and final event that is taking place in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. The annual Halloween-inspired event allows you to earn specific rewards for capturing Souls in the Souls Capture mini-event, which is done in a variety of ways. With the Souls you acquire, you can exchange them for rewards in The Haunting event tab. Although, the ultimate reward from The Haunting is called the Ghoulie camo, which is one of the cooler-looking camos in MW2 and Warzone.

The Ghoulie camo is one of the rewards that’s currently hidden in the event tab. It will unlock at a certain date and when it does, you will need a ton of Souls in order to acquire it. For more specifics on how you can get your hands on the Ghoulie camo in MW2 and Warzone, check out the guide below.

Unlocking the Ghoulie camo in MW2 and Warzone

As of the time of writing, the Ghoulie camo is no longer available to earn. It was only earnable during The Haunting event in MW2 and Warzone, which ended in early November. You were required to earn 1,000 Souls to acquire the camo, which could then be used on any weapon in the game.

Now, with Modern Warfare 3 out, there will be no additional camos coming to MW2 and this includes any possible return of the Ghoule camo. As a note, if you managed to unlock the Ghoulie camo, you can use it on any gun available in the new Modern Warfare 3. You can also use it on the existing MW2 weapons that arrived with the new multiplayer experience.

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