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Through all of the bugs and glitches currently in Call of Duty: Vanguard, there are also some simple oversights. These oversights from Sledgehammer Games are to be expected  to a degree, considering how new Vanguard is. However, one of the mistakes is seemingly stopping players from earning Gold camo on the Automaton assault rifle in Vanguard multiplayer.

The Automaton has a camo challenge that requires players get 100 ADS kills using a certain set of attachments. This is normally no trouble at all, as ADS kills are the most common with an assault rifle. The reason why the challenge is stopping players is due to the fact that one of the attachments required doesn’t exist.

The attachment in question is the Assassin Proficiency. Without it, players can’t complete the “Mindgames” camo section and are unable to earn Gold camo on the Automaton. Fans recently discovered a workaround to this issue, though.

Earning Gold camo on the Automaton in Vanguard

The other two attachments required for the Mindgames camo section are the Anastasia Sniper barrel and Empress Broadsword stock. Players can equip these attachments without any problem.

Once those attachments are equipped, players will need to head into the Proficiency slot for the Automaton. Here, players want to select the Frenzy Proficiency. For some reason, equipping this Proficiency along with the other two attachments allows players to advance the Mindgames camo with ADS kills. We tested this personally at Upcomer and it works perfectly. This is likely the only workaround until Sledgehammer releases an update to fix the issue.

Frenzy in Call of Duty: Vanguard
The Frenzy Proficiency for the Automaton in Vanguard. | Provided by Activision

Frenzy is a Proficiency that lets players regenerate health after kills. Perhaps Sledgehammer Games changed the name of the Proficiency from Assassin to Frenzy before Vanguard launched and simply forgot to change its name in the Mindgames camo section. Either way, by equipping those three attachments, players can progress their Automaton camos and eventually earn Gold on it in Vanguard.