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There are certain Schematics in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies that you simply value more than others, and the Epic Aether Tool is one that’s valued highly amongst the community.

The Epic Aether Tool allows you to upgrade your weapon to purple rarity, which is a huge boon, especially if you’re planning on venturing into the High Threat Zone. However, this tool is one of the more difficult and frustrating Schematics to obtain in Zombies. For reference, I have nearly four days played in Zombies and still don’t have the Epic Aether Tool. However, this isn’t for lack of trying, and you can see the exact method I’m using to try and grab the Epic Aether Tool Schematic in the guide below.

Getting the Epic Aether Tool Schematic in MW3 Zombies

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While I still don’t have the Epic Aether Tool Schematic, I have been following the correct method to get it. Unfortunately, your ability to obtain the Schematic lies entirely in randomness, making it all the more frustrating.

There’s currently only one way to get the Epic Aether Tool Schematic in Zombies, and it’s by completing contracts in the High Threat Zone (red zone). No other method will result in you receiving the Epic Aether Tool as a reward, so you’ll have to venture into Tier 3 if you want to score the Schematic. Of course, Tier 3 is a dangerous location even when you’re not completing contracts, so your risk of death is always high. To make matters worse, there are only a few contracts active at the same time in the High Threat Zone.

I recommend staying away from Bounty Contracts if you’re a solo player, as most of the time you’ll get Mega Abominations as your target. While you can still defeat these massive creatures alone, especially if you use a Deadbolt Turret, they are quite difficult and aggressive. Instead, I suggest running Escort Cargo Contracts, as they don’t require you to kill any zombies. Other than that, Outlast Contracts can also be fruitful, but Special Zombies tend to spawn in large quantities during this contract.

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When you complete a contract in Tier 3, check the Reward Rift that spawns. With any luck, your Epic Aether Tool Schematic will be inside. If it’s not, you simply have to keep completing Tier 3 Contracts and hope that you get lucky. As previously stated, there is no other way to earn this specific Schematic, so running anything other than Tier 3 Contracts is a waste of time.