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For some people, standard Pokémon just don’t cut it. The rare shiny variants of these creatures are always popular, and the Crown Tundra expansion makes it easier than ever to hunt shinies by doing Dynamax Adventures. Here’s how you can hunt for them yourself, and what you need to do — you might even get a shiny Legendary.

How to find Shiny Pokémon in Dynamax Adventures

During the Adventure, you will encounter four Pokémon. If you beat them, you will have a chance to catch them. It doesn’t matter what ball you throw — you will always catch them. After you finish the Adventure or get knocked out of the den, you get to choose one to keep.

When doing standard Max Raid Battles, the Pokémon you battle will be shiny. This isn’t the case in Dynamax Adventures. You won’t know whether the Pokémon you caught is shiny until after you complete the Dynamax Adventure.

Shiny Pokémon Dynamax Adventure

Once you finish up the Adventure and you’re choosing which Pokémon to keep, you can see if any of them are shiny. When you scroll through them, you will see their picture. You can also check their summary if you aren’t sure whether they are shiny or not.

You can also find shiny Legendary Pokémon using this method. At the end of each Dynamax Adventure, you will encounter a Legendary — if you defeat it and catch it, it might be shiny. Unfortunately, you can only catch one of each Legendary, so if you want to shiny hunt for one, don’t catch it. You can record where it is and find it over and over again until it’s shiny.

It’s important to keep in mind that you must catch a Pokémon to keep it. It’s always worth catching every single one you beat — they could be shiny after all.