How to get Operator Fury Kills in MW3
What are Operator Fury Kills in MW3?
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How to get Operator Fury Kills in MW3

Get ready to decimate an enemy team

There are some terms in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that are not thoroughly explained, but you need to know what they are in order to complete various challenges. One term that’s been in the spotlight recently is “Fury Kills,” which is required for a Weekly Challenge and calling card in MW3.

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If you’re here because of the Weekly Challenge that rewards the TAQ Eradicator, then you’re looking at the challenge: “Get 3 Operator Fury Kills with a Recommended Weapon.” The “Recommended Weapon” part likely isn’t what’s confusing you, as that’s simply any MW3 weapon. “Operator Fury Kills,” on the other hand, is slightly more puzzling.

To see exactly what Operator Fury Kills are and how to earn them in MW3, check out the guide below.

What are Operator Fury Kills in MW3?

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Operator Fury Kills simply means killing four real enemies in rapid succession. You can’t go into the Invasion mode and kill four AI enemies for this challenge. Instead, you need to hop into a regular public playlist, kill four enemies very quickly, and that earns you a single Fury Kill.

If done correctly, you will see the term “Fury Kill” pop up on the screen, indicating you just killed four enemies in a short amount of time. The timeframe between kills is quite quick, so you need to kill your four enemies within six to eight seconds, otherwise, it won’t count. All kills, including those with equipment and killstreaks, will count towards a Fury Kill. It should also be noted that if you go above a Fury Kill, like earning a Frenzy Kill (five kills in a row), then it will still count as earning a Fury Kill.

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My recommendation for earning Operator Fury Kills is to go into Rust 24/7 or Rustment 24/7 (if it’s available at the time you’re reading). Playing on maps like Rust and Shipment offers the best chances at killing a lot of enemies quickly as they spawn near you and are usually close together. If you don’t want to play those maps, though, then I suggest going into any objective-based game mode in a regular playlist. Game modes such as Hardpoint and Domination have the highest likelihood of enemies being close together so you can kill them quickly.

Fury Kills are not easy by any means, so you might have to spend a lot of time trying to earn them in MW3.

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