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There is no shortage of cosmetic items and weapons in COD Mobile. From the lowly uncommon weapons to the high-tier legendary rewards from the Battle Pass, players have full inventories of cosmetic items. However, there’s no item that players want more when it comes to cosmetics than the Mythic weapons.

Mythic weapons are a tier above legendary in COD Mobile. As of Season 6, they only apply to a select few weapons. As there are so few of the weapons, players want to know how to acquire them. Not only does owning one provides a huge bragging right, but the weapons themselves come with dazzling attachments and skins.

Getting Mythic weapons in COD Mobile

Currently, in Season 6, there is only one way to acquire a Mythic weapon. Players are required to purchase drops through the Mythic Drop system in COD Mobile. This system allows players to buy a drop for a set amount of COD Points. The item that is earned is then removed from the pool of possible items that players can receive from the drops.

Usually, players must buy several drops before acquiring the Mythic weapon they want. However, with each drop that a player buys, the number of COD Points needed to purchase a drop is increased. This means that players will be spending more and more the longer it takes them to earn a Mythic weapon. There are ten drops for each of the weapons, with the last drop costing 3,500 CP. After the tenth drop, players are guaranteed the Mythic weapon.

Mythic weapons in COD Mobile
The four Mythics. | Provided by Activision

As of Season 6, there are four Mythics in COD Mobile for the following weapons: Holger 26, AS VAL, Fennec and Peacekeeper. Players will need some supreme luck, or a big wallet, to earn them all in COD Mobile.